Apply to TNC 2017

Application procedure

The Negotiation Challenge is an international negotiation competition open to students of all majors who share a passion for negotiation and demonstrate sufficient background and experience to compete on the highest level. To apply to The Negotiation Challenge 2017 please form a team of 3 graduate students. Submit a CV of each team member, shine with your negotiation knowledge and experience and convince us with your essay on one of the specified topics:

– How technology has affected human psychology and trust in negotiations
– Negotiating by email
– How technology has changed negotiation in the way negotiation tactics are used
– The implications of negotiating by video conference, Skype and online media
– How technology has disrupted traditional forms of negotiation
– How technology has impacted on time, people and the perception of power
– Online auctions are here to stay or have the had their day?
– How technology can be used to re-engineer value during negotiations

Selected applicants will be informed per email and announced on our website end of February. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.